Amsterdam & Paris based independent photo & video producer for advertisement, fashion & music.

About me

Work like a captain - Play like a pirate.
What I do

After about 10 years working worldwide as a photo and video producer specialized in advertisement, fashion and music, what I offer to my clients are my strong organisation skills in the addition of an international creative network. My aim is to give new impulsions to brands and to work on real (love)stories...

I do work for and with advertisement agencies, production companies, brands and independent photographers and directors.
I can handle a complete production from art buying to casting, location scouting, accommodation, equipment rental, make-up and styling to post-production and accountancy.


"Never hope for it more than you work for it."


If you are a creative freak, an intern of an agency or the boss of an international brand, feel free to contact me, we can discuss about your project or just share a nice cup of coffee!
Amsterdam & Paris
(+31) 628-642-513